Our Story

Ius Vitae began as a concept in 2017 to connect the world with what has been often called “the miracle plant” or “the holy grail of health supplements”. With our aim to remove the confusion between the intoxicating THC compound and the CBD supplement, our goal was to inform, educate and supply the world with only the best CBD products on the market.

That meant that we had to source CBD that contained no pesticides, no herbicides and no additives in ANY of the products we wanted to bring to market. 

So we formed Ius Vitae – translated: “Elixir of Life” because it was our sole purpose, our sole mission to supply pure, organic & healthy CBD products that would come as close to the real Elixir of Life as we could possibly get!

Our Vision

Our Vision at Ius Vitae is to see the stigma and confusion removed from the truly beneficial health properties of CBD products.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inform, educate and supply premium quality CBD products to those who need it and want to use it as a vital part of their health supplement regime.

Numbers Behind Our Quality

Behind the scenes of Ius Vitae is a tremendous team of individuals responsible for sourcing, producing & packaging world class, premium quality CBD products, delivering nothing less than outstanding, life changing health supplements!


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Company History

Ius Vitae has grown exponentially since our early launch in January 2018. Why? Because we recognised the need within the CBD community for only the best, premium quality products that could be supplied. 

It wasn’t long into our research & development phase that we noticed unreliable, low quality products being pushed into the market place due to a supply & demand of CBD products.

Since the despatch of our first order in March 2018, Ius Vitae has grown beyond our wildest dreams… and the reason behind our growth? Well, our CBD products are probably the best you will find online and our customers are spreading the news!!


First Batch

With our first large order being despatched within our first quarter, Ius Vitae has grown from strength to strength.


Research & Development

Extensive research & development quickly followed, identifying a market need to supply on the best CBD products on the market.



Forming the brand Ius Vitae began in early January of 2018